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Nicotine mouth spray NICOSTAR

your smart solution to a cigarette!

Immediate application of nicotine respectful to the environment

Can be used not only where you cannot smoke

Smart solution to a cigarette!

Nicotine spray NICOSTAR is used by spraying into the mouth. It is an application of nicotine with immediate efect while respecting people in your proximity. Can be used not only where smoking is prohibited.



Nicotine spray NICOSTAR is used by spraying into the mouth. The product is not intended for inhaling or consumption by swallowing, Unintentional inhaling or swallowing of the spray solution is not harmful when used as directed Maximum dose: 3 sprays at a time and maximum 20 sprays per day. Dosage of 3 sprays contains from 0,331 mg to 0,405 mg of nicotine – the same amount as a standard cigarette. Use particularly where smoking is prohibited: airplanes and other means of transport public spaces and buildings offices

Contains of the product

Our nicotine spray NICOSTAR contains solvents, acidity regulator, preservatives, moistening agent and liquorice.

Water, glycerine, acerola extract (malpighia glabra), liquorice extract (glycyrrhiza glabra), coffee aroma, nicotin (0,081 to 0,099 % of weight) Acidity regulator: E330 – citric acid Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, ginger extract (zingiber officinalis), sucralose Moistening agents: pegylated hydrogenated castor oil, epigallocatechin gallate Contains liquorice. Functions of ingredients in NICOSTAR. Nicotin - main active substance Water - solvent of contained ingredients Glycerine - solvent, natural sweetener, softens the taste Malpighia glabra extract (acerola – barbados cherry) - contains vitamin C Liquorice extract (glycyrrhiza glabra) – maintains the optimum state of the mucosa and solivary glanc in the mouth Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) (white tea concentrate) – maintains healthy gum mucosa Coffee / Mint / Strawberry aroma - enhances taste perception, improves the status of oral mucosa Citrid acid - acidity regulator, enhances taste perception and biological availability of nicotine Potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate - provide long-term stabilisation of the product, protect against germs Sucralose - sweetener, derivate of the natural sweetener saccharose Pegylated hydrogenated castor oil - enhances surface wetting and natural moisture in the mouth
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